May we introduce ourselves? The academy for volunteering germany

As the first german training institution especially for volunteering, citizen engagement and honorary post we dispose a large and funded background of experience. Since 1994 the academy offers advanced education programmes for honorary and professionally staffmembers and volunteers of the third sector all over Germany. The academy is a project of the found for youth and socialwork (fjs Förderverein für Jugend und Sozialarbeit e.V.), located in Berlin; fjs is a charitable NPO and umbrella organisation with many projects in children-, youth and social work and also in multi- media application for educational and social work.

Our profile in German volunteer culture
The academy is the german center of competency in volunteer- and NPO- management. We wanted to contribute the creation of attractive general conditions for honorary, volunteer and citizen engagement in our country. We are proud to be trend-setters in these premises.
  • Since 1998 we are offering a extensive qualification in volunteer management. This special offer is qualitative high graded and in a constant process of development.
  • We gain a extensive insight about the volunteer sector at our homepage. You find information about practice, our advanced education offer and dates of events in the broad field of volunteering all over Germany. You can visit volunteer organisations world-wide by our qualified linklist. We have got also a wide range of material and literature about volunteer and association work.
  • Since 2000 we are publishing an scientific funded internet magazine in german language which can be subscribed for free.
  • We look after the development of volunteering, especially in the help for young people, in conferences and meetings and initiate far-reaching inspiring discussions.
Our offer of events and advanced education programmes:
  • Training
    • Additional qualification Freiwilligen-Management™ (volunteer-management)
    • Organisational development
    • Association management
    • Volunteer coach
    • Fundraising
    • Public relations
    • Additional qualification theatre-pedagogy
  • Workshops and seminars
    • Methods workshops
    • Encourage citizen competence
  • Meetings/congress
    • E.g. our annual nation-wide conference "Volunteer-Management"
  • Consultation, lecturer placement
    • Supervision, coaching
    • We conciliate lecturer
    • Consultation in every question of volunteering and honorary post
We set store by qualified and experienced lecturer with an own volunteer background. Our offer targets social and sociocultural engaged people. Averaged we got yearly 700 participants.

About finances
The academy is grant-aided by the national ministry of family, senior citizen, women and youth. Also by (federal) country of Berlin, foundations as the Robert-Bosch foundation and the citizen-for-citizen foundation (Stiftung Bürger für Bürger). Beyond this we are working with free expedients.

Our guiding principles
The development of competencies and know-how to (and with) volunteers and paid staff- members is a special form of adult education.

Therefore we are oriented towards the following quality -aspects:
  • Mediation of funded, current and advanced contents about volunteering and honorary post
  • Implementation of the theories into praxis
  • A common participation of volunteers, full-timed and lecturer at the courses
  • Promotion of exchange and cross-linking within our participants
  • Transparency and participation
  • Evaluation and quality management
Our library
includes german and english literature to the following subjects:
  • Honorary post, volunteering, volunteer culture
  • Project-, association- , social- and volunteer management
  • Sociology, psychology, pedagogic
  • Socialwork, socialwork with young people
  • Law basics and codes of law
  • cultural work
We are proud to be cooperation partners with
Several nation wide and regional foundations, volunteer organisations and third sector organisations and institutions. We are a member of Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (

The team
Thomas Kegel, project manager of the academy
Carola Reifenhäuser, department for education
Henning E. Rasmussen, editorial office (internet)
Daniela Fischer, announcement and information
Michael Rohr, library
Stephanie Simons, PR/fundraising
Alexander Kolitsch, dipl. soc.ped. (job- trainee)

Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit Deutschland (fjs e.V.)
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Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit Deutschland (fjs e.V.)

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Tel.: +49-30-275 49 38
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